Jess Giles [Level 2 Sports]


Level 2 Sports Student Jessica Giles took part in the TAGB annual club Taekwondo tournament late last year, competing in sparring, patterns and power drills! She was amazing and won 5 medals ranging through Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Paul Tonks Programme leader said “ Jess is a dedicated Taekwondo student  and attends classes at least 3 times a week to improve her skills. She is working hard towards her Black belt which she should achieve within the next 18 months. Having trained with Jess I am fully aware of the hard work she puts in during club training and can also see that she brings the same work ethic into college, I have no doubt she will achieve her goals in both Taekwondo and level 2 Sport which will be thoroughly deserved .”

Jess is also currently Student of the Term for Level 2 Sports