Student Admissions

Thank You for Checking In Online

Now you have accepted your place with us we have checked you in for your KC journey. Your passport should arrive in the post and you will start to receive monthly newsletters straight to your inbox. 

Hang tight! We’ll be in touch to discuss the next step in your journey, in the meantime keep checking your inbox for updates and see the KC journey below. See you soon! 

How do I change my course?

Please don’t reapply. Send us an email with the course you want to change to

I’m not sure I’m on the right course level, how do I check?

Your course level would have been discussed during interview. If you need to check send us an email:

How do I withdraw my place?

Send us an email to withdraw your application

My email address has changed, how do I let you know?

Please ensure that all of your info including email, phone and home address is all up to date. Send us an email on to let us know of any changes.

Will I be entitled to any extra funding?

If you have a household income of less than £34,000, you may be eligible for financial assistance towards some of the costs associated with your course. Contact for more info.

I’m worried my exam results aren’t what I expected?

That’s okay! Come along to enrolment with your exam results as planned and you can have a chat with the tutor. No matter your results we’ve got you covered.

I've accepted my place, what happens next?

You will be sent an info pack and receive regular newsletters on email.

Is there disabled access in the college?

Yes, we have automatic doors, lifts and wide doorways.

Will there be additional funding for travel?

We do have funding available for travel, please contact student services on, they will be happy to help. 

Where do I find info on Uniforms and Kit list?

You will have been informed at interview if your course requires you to purchase or bring with you any resources; if so, the information and forms can be found at

Please look carefully at the instructions as you may need to order from a third party supplier. 

Will I be entitled to free school meals?

You may be entitled to a free meal for the days you are timetabled to be in college. To find out if you are eligible, please contact Student Services or discuss with your adviser at your assessment appointment.

When will we receive student timetables?

You will receive these either during induction or the start of term.

Where can I find term dates?

I think I may need extra support, what do I do?

If you feel that you would benefit from some learning support, please contact our Learning Support team on 01562 512069 or